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Jasmine Village

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Hotels in Chania

  Property Code: JASMHTL



  Area: Platanias

  Location: Chania

  Plot size:

  House size:



Jasmine Village hotel is one of the hospitality landmarks in Platanias, Crete.
Jasmine Village hotel was planned and built from the start as a traditional Cretan village - a “village within a village” in Platanias - with small picturesque paths, squares and gardens full of flowers.

It is an oasis of white, green and blue. White is the color of the traditional houses where our guests stay. Green is the color of the beautiful gardens, surrounding every part of the hotel’s spaces. And blue is the color of the huge, 850 sq. m swimming pool, where all the action takes place during the 6-month summer in Crete.

Jasmine Village hotel is constantly popular for families, as it offers many amenities for people travelling with small kids. During recent years, it has also become increasingly popular for couples, for the tranquillity and real relaxation it offers its guests.

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 Laundry Service (Extra Debit)
 Pool Bar
 Internet Cafe (Extra Debit)
 Mini Market
 Swimming Pool
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